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Über uns

The Industry

2012, we thought the industry is missing something. Something special, something different, something distinct.
Accessories were not leading the fashion world and men were not keen on them.
The transition in haute couture and world wide fashion boutiques brought more than just thrill, dark, typographic and futuristic fashion.
It made people think different, made them more susceptible to excessive styles and colours and made every day styles more unique than ever.
With the fashion climate change accessories gained more in importance. Something we were waiting and praying for all these years.
They finally gained the appropriate attention.

The Accessories

The accessory is the one thing that can change the complexion of the style. Whether it is a little black dress or an urban street combination,
the bracelet on your wrist will mean something to you. Something special, something that makes your style personal, maybe something someone else always wanted.
It can be the one thing that makes you distinct.


DSTNCT gives us the ability to keep our individuality in style & fashion. Every hour, every day.

Every product is handmade.

There is no need to enrole a mass production to ensure affordable unique fashion.
There is no need to run with the immense popularity to be popular and exceptional.
There is no need to imitate other styles when you can make your own and be distinct.

First and foremost is quality.


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